I started playing music in Middle School when I was 11 yrs. old. I played all through middle school and high school playing in the concert, jazz and marching bands. Right around my senior year of high school I started playing in my first band outside of school with some friends of mine. Around the same time I began playing professionally with one of my high school teachers around the small, Northern Wisconsin town I grew up and lived in. After high school I went on to college and graduated with a bachelors degree in music. While in my last semester of college I joined a funk/swing/soul band and stayed wtih them for two years. Even though the funk band was fun, I needed a change so I moved to Long Beach, California in 2001 and began graduate school. In 2004 I received a Master of Music degree in Percussion Performance and In 2005 I joined the power trio Oedipus and have been in the band ever since. Oedipus is signed both in Europe (MyMusic - EMI) and in the US (THC Music/Rocket Science) and is about to release a record with a tour to follow. For more on Oedipus, check out the website. Outside of Oedipus I play in cover bands, blues bands, jazz and country bands.

Teaching has been and continues to be a major part of my career. I currently teach out of my home studio in Long Beach and maintain a roster of students that range in age from 9 - 50. Teaching is as important to me as performing and I am honored to be a part of my students’ lives. My goal as a teacher is to relay useable and practical information that is rooted in fundamentals. I strive to foster enthusiasm, a thorough understanding of the instrument, and the role it - and the drummer - plays in music. I currently continue my own study via weekly lessons with Master Teacher, Bruce Becker.

It is my goal as a musician to continually expand and grow. It is my goal as a teacher to be patient. It is my goal as a person to be nice along the way :)


Feel free to contact me through this website or via social media.







  • Tres Las:

    Tres Las came in at #3 on Polish radio Eska Rock's top 100 songs of 2010. Tres Las can be found on the Vicious Little Smile full length.

  • Burn It Down:

    Right on the heels of Tres Las, Burn It Down came in at #36 on the 2010 top 100 songs of 2010.  Burn It Down was featured in a Lion's Gate movie entitled, "Circle of Pain" and can also be found on Vicious Little Smile.

  • Holding Out For More:

    You can hear this song in a movie starring Wesley Snipes called, "The Contractor." This song can be found on the 2008 EP Covetous and the 2011 release Holding Out For More EP.

  • One Line:

    A cover of the PJ Harvey tune. Look for the accompanying video in the Video Tab.

  • Decision:

    This tune was written by Nick Roesler of the band Chicane Theory.  Drums were recorded in Pasadena, CA at The Den Recorders with Andrew Chapin as engineer for the session.

  • You and Me:

    A track by Noah "The Kid" Engh and Geri X.  Recorded at Organic Audio Studios in Downtown Los Angeles by Jason Mezilis. 

  • Something Better:

    This song was recorded at a "live" recording session with Pop/Singersongwriter Ashley MatteRyan Hafer of Secret Ninja Studios produced and engineered these sessions.  I played on Ashley's live record and the majority of her most recent studio release No Number No Address also engineered and produced by Ryan.

  • Cotton Candy:

    Another from the Ashley Matte live session.  This with more of a bouncy feel. 








With Jason Mezilis and other great musicians in Los Angeles.  Directed by David Urbanic.




Warming up before a session.















Keith Larsen is available for performances, touring, studio sessions and teaching.



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